• Check TradeScreen to make sure your prices are competitive
  • List consistently, update your listings at least once a week so they don’t lapse
  • Diamond item pages with full diamond data, images and videos wherever possible
  • Guarantee the availability of your diamond wherever possible
  • Update your company profile so that potential buyers can ‘get to know you’. Promote your brand with logo and company description.
  • Some buyers only buy from members with good ratings. Make sure to rate members you trade with on RapNet and ask them to rate you back!
  • Check Buy Requests frequently, use the filters on the right hand side to find Buy Requests you can fill
  • Allow other RapNet members to display your diamond and jewelry listings for sale on their online store. Click here to read why!
  • Price Competitively! RapNet Diamond Insights focuses on the competitive nature of the diamond market and facilitates fine tune pricing for each listed diamond and provides the data you need to analyze, position and price each listed diamond competitively on the market. Read more here

NEW TOP TIP >> Diamond item pages with videos and images get more attention from buyers and helps you sell more!

Upload Diamonds with an unlimited number of images and a video!

Item pages with images and videos are more likely to be shared on social media and used by members using Instant Inventory.

This raises your diamonds’ visibility thus increasing the chance of the diamond being sold.

Upload images

a. Upload an unlimited amount of images to each diamond

b. Files should be JPG, JPEG or PNG

Upload videos

Enter the video link URL in the Diamond Image column of your stock inventory file.


Currently, only RapLab, Vision 360, Mydiamondsearch.com, Bijandiamonds.com and Amipi videos display on diamond item pages

Other videos will be considered if they are links to videos only without extra information

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