RapNet Diamond Insights focuses on the competitive nature of the diamond market and facilitates fine tune pricing for each listed diamond.

Diamond Insights provides the data that suppliers need to analyze, position and price each listed diamond competitively on the market.

Being able to fine tune and reprice has excellent benefits for everyone:

  1. Lower pricing encourages more buying power
  2. It shows suppliers what other companies are charging for similar diamonds 
  3. It tells you where your diamonds stand competitively compared to similar diamonds on the market
  4. To predict future ranking based on simulated price

Diamond Insights is in 2 parts: Positioning and Ranking

1.Positioning – finding the position of your diamond on RapNet within a similar group of diamonds. 

2.Ranking – This is an interactive Price Simulator which lets you simulate and adjust your diamond's price more competitively.Then check it ranks on RapNet’s search results.You can also update the price from here.

In order to use Diamond Insights:

  1.  Upload your diamonds to RapNet
  2. Go to MANAGE MY DIAMONDS and click on any of your active available white diamonds.

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