Item Sharing means that all RapNet members can share diamond item pages and jewelry item pages on social media, thus engaging with current customers and generating business inquiries from potential new ones.

You can share items:

  • Via email outside of RapNet, with customers who are not RapNet members
  • On your Facebook page¬†
  • Via a link anywhere on social media
  • With other RapNet members through RapNet Chat

The information on the item page viewed by the recipient or new lead depends on the information uploaded by the supplier.
Information usually includes a detailed view of the diamond or jewelry information, plus including an image of the item, wherever the image was uploaded directly to RapNet.

RapNet members can also view:

  • Which items they shared with other RapNet members inside the Chat conversation with the actual RapNet member
  • Which items they externally with non- RapNet members or on social media on a special Shared Items screen¬†

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