Go to  MANAGE MY DIAMONDS and select any of your active available white diamonds.

  1. Position your diamond: Click on the magnifying glass to find the position of your diamond on RapNet within a similar group of diamonds. 
  2. Ranking tab breaks down pricing information down  into 4 parts: 

1.Search Results Ranking compares your diamond to other diamonds of similar shape, size, color, clarity, lab, cut, polish, symmetry and fluorescence.There are 3 bits of data:

  • Number ranking in search
  • How many diamonds similar to yours
  • In the top X % of diamonds.

2. Bar Graph shows the distribution of diamonds according to price.

  • Each bar indicates how many diamonds are available on RapNet within a price points and the green line where your diamond positioned.
  • Hover over any of the bars to see how many diamonds fall into particular range. 

3. Meaningful Data, especially if there are many diamonds in your category. 

  • Average Price is the average price for all diamonds that fall into the same category as your diamond.
  • Best Price is the cheapest price of the diamond in this category.
  • Max Price is the price of the most expensive diamond in this category.
  • Average top 10% Price is the average price of the top 10% of diamonds in this category.

4. Price Simulator

  • Type in your new price in the $/ct or Rap% field, click check new ranking to see your estimated RapNet search ranking.
  • If you are happy with the estimated rank and new position, click Update Diamond Price to instantly update your listing with the new price. 
  • NOTE: We advise members uploading through Excel or API to take the simulated price and put it directly in the Excel file or stock program instead of updating directly on RapNet.

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