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Video Tutorials & Product Tours

Short videos focusing on a range of RapNet features

What is RapNet?

RapNet Plans & Opening an account

Security & Account Management

Guide to logging in & setting up your account securely

Rapaport Price List & Pricing Tools

Powerful pricing information and tools

The RapNet Community

Chat, Share, collaborate and build solid long-term business relationships with RapNet members

Buying Diamonds on RapNet

How to use RapNet's fast search engine to source diamonds, understand diamond search results and special tools helping you trade faster and smarter

Selling Diamonds on RapNet

Successfully upload and sell diamonds on RapNet. Includes Tech Support and Top Selling Tips

Sharing Items with Customers

Share diamonds and jewelry items on Facebook and other social media platforms.

RapNet BuyNow

Your solution for hassle-free, secure, and intelligent diamond sourcing

Trade Center

Trade safely, securely and efficiently on RapNet

Buy Requests

Post a Diamond Buy Request to alert other sellers with what you are looking for

RapNet XL

Functions available with RapNet XL add-on plus troubleshooting

Diamond Media Library

Upload, store and manage all your diamond images in a single place.

RapNet Mobile App

Everything you need to know about using the RapNet mobile app.

Instant Inventory

Showcase selected diamond and jewelry inventory from RapNet directly on your retail website

RapNet Jewelry

Buy & Sell Jewelry on RapNet

RapNet Reports Center

Create and export Search Results to Excel.

My Contacts

Manage your communications with all your contacts in one place

RapNet Show Listings

Free RapNet diamond search service connecting buyers and suppliers at major diamond and jewelry trade shows

Technical Center

Frequently Asked Technical Questions

General Knowledge Base
Rapaport Auctions

Rapaport Auction process and how to participate as a buyer or seller