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Introduction to Buy Requests
Introduction to Buy Requests
RapNet's new and reimagined Buy Requests
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RapNet's new and reimagined RapNet Buy Requests remove the heavy legwork when sourcing diamonds, making it easier to find diamonds and accelerating sales.

Here's how it works:

  1. Buyers post a buy request for the diamond they are looking for and instantly receive a list of matching diamonds available on RapNet.
    Newly listed diamonds automatically get added to the buy request and the buyer can connect diamonds to the buy request directly from the diamond search results page.

  2. Sellers are notified whenever their RapNet listed inventory matches a buy request and can personally respond to the buy request.
    The notification includes a link to the buy request and the matching inventory, which the seller can filter and select before responding to the buyer.

  3. Buyers can review each buy request suggestion, reject diamonds, or hit the Contact Seller button to move ahead with purchasing.

Buyer Benefits:

It's never been easier and faster to find the diamond you need!

  • RapNet does the work for you! We notify you when a diamond you need is available on RapNet.

  • Save time! The perfect solution for when you’re busy and don’t have time to sit and search for diamonds online.

Sellers Benefits:

Reach eager and ready buyers and accelerate your sales!

  • No waiting for buyers! RapNet works in the background, alerting you when your inventory matches a buy request.

  • Save time! RapNet tags all your inventory matches on the All Buy Requests page so you don't need to spend time searching for buy requests matching your inventory.

Top Buy Request Features:

  • Buyers

    • Post public, private, or anonymous Buy Requests

    • Instant notification when listed diamonds match the buy request

    • Newly listed diamonds automatically added to the buy request

    • Connect diamonds from the search results to the buy request

    • Reject diamonds and we'll never suggest them again!

  • Sellers

    • Receive an alert when there's a buy request matching your inventory.

    • Respond to a buy request with just a message, if you don't have matching inventory listed on RapNet.

    • Filter the Buy Request page to view buy requests matching your inventory or to see buy requests that they've responded to.

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