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7 Ways to Attract More Diamond Buyers

Top tips to help increase diamond sales on RapNet

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  1. Price Competitively

  • Do your research and check TradeScreen to make sure your prices are competitive.

  • Use RapNet Diamond Insights to fine-tune pricing for each listed diamond and get the data you need to analyze, position, and price each listed diamond competitively on the market. Read more here.

2. Diamond Information:

  • Diamonds with accurate and complete data will be found more easily by the buyers.

  • Upload as much information as possible about each diamond so that the item page tells the buyer everything they need to know about the diamond right away

  • Listing diamonds with media, images & a video, on your diamond item page, attracts more buyers thus helping you sell faster and sell more!

  • Guarantee the availability of your diamond wherever possible.

4. Reach the Right Buyers at exactly the right time!

  • Reach diamond buyers exactly when they are interested in the very diamonds that they are selling on RapNet with our Promoted Diamonds Service. Read more here.

4. Give your diamonds more exposure with media

  • Diamond item pages with videos and images get more attention from buyers, and raise your diamonds’ visibility thus increasing the chance of the diamond being sold!

  • Item pages with images and videos are more likely to be shared on social media and used by members using Instant Inventory.

  • Click here for guidance and start uploading your diamonds with images and videos today.

  • If you are seeking solutions for your diamond images and videos, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

5. Raise your Company's Profile and Build Trust

  • Ask your account manager to update your name code to ensure that your listings display your company name and not your account number.

  • Update your company profile so that potential buyers can ‘get to know you’; Upload your company logo and add a brief company description.

  • Some buyers only buy from members with good ratings. Make sure to rate members you trade with on RapNet and ask them to rate you back!

  • Get Endorsements from Buyers.

  • List consistently, and update your listings at least once a week so they don’t lapse.

6. Generate more sales!

  • Join RapChat Buy Sell groups and respond to buy requests in real-time directly from your phone!

  • Check Buy Requests regularly, use the filters on the right-hand side to find Buy Requests you can fill.

  • Allow other RapNet members to showcase your diamond and jewelry listings for sale on their online store. Here's why!
    With more jewelry retailers than ever shifting their business online to generate sales, more jewelry retailers see Instant Inventory as the way forward to saving their business.
    RapNet’s Instant Inventory takes inventory from RapNet and displays it on participating RapNet retailers’ websites at a markup set by the retailer.
    To raise your diamond's visibility and improve sales, you can permit retailers to showcase your stock on their websites. Click here to learn how.

7. Get ready to sell!

  • Prepare your invoice template so that when you close a sale, your invoice is ready to send through the Trade Center. Read this article for help setting that up.

Diamond Media Solutions

RapLab provides high-quality diamond image and video services. Click here to find out more or email

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