Upload diamonds with grading reports

Upload diamonds with certificates

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If you include the Lab and certificate number when uploading your diamonds, we will automatically pull most GIA, IGI, and HRD reports and display them on RapNet for you.

Wherever it is not possible for us to automatically download a diamond report, you can upload a copy of the report to RapNet, by either on a single diamond listing, or bulk uploading certificate files to your RapNet certificate folder.

Top Tip: Certificate filenames matching the stock or report number auto-connect to the correct diamond.

Read on to find out how, or jump to a section with these links:

Upload & attach a certificate to a single diamond listing

  1. Go to the laboratory website to download and save the certificate image file(s) in either PDF or JPG formats (JPG recommended)

  2. Log in to RapNet > Manage My Diamonds

  3. Find your Diamond > Edit > Report Files > Browse & upload the certificate file

Add certificates to multiple diamonds using a diamond inventory file

  1. Save & name your certificate image file/s to your computer

    • Image file recommendations

      • Should be either PDF or JPG formats (JPG recommended)

      • Files to be around 300 KB but no larger than 2 MB

      • Set scanner settings: 150 DPI, save as JPG - 60% quality

    • Zip Folders: We accept zip files up to 100 MB, but we recommend splitting files up into smaller files of up to 10 MB each

  2. Go to your RapNet Diamond Certificates folder > browse & upload certificate file/s

  3. Diamond inventory file:

    1. If your certificate filenames match the stock or report number, RapNet will auto-connect the correct certificate to the correct diamond, so go ahead and upload your inventory file

    2. If your certificate file names do not match the stock or report number:

      • In your inventory file, go to the field name CertificateFilename and type in the name/s of the saved certificate image/s.

      • Include jpg/png after the image name

    3. Upload diamond inventory file as usual. Click here for guidance.

Your Diamond Certificates folder indicates which certificates are connected to which diamond listings.

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