Instant Inventory Notifications

The Instant Inventory Inquiries page, notifications and managing diamond and jewelry inquiries

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If you are using the diamond API, your programmer will need to include an inquiry form and a way to manage customers. Refer to this documentation for support and guidance.

If you are using the Instant Inventory widget, RapNet notifies you each time a customer sends an inquiry from the widget, and takes you to the Instant Inventory Inquiries page to view and manages all your diamond and jewelry inquiries.

Instant Inventory Notifications

  • Jewelry inquiries: RapNet notification only

  • Diamond inquiries: RapNet sends you an email plus a RapNet notification

Sample of Diamond Request form via the Widget

RapNet Notification: Click on the notification to move to Instant Inventory’s Inquires page to follow up with the customer

The Instant Inventory Inquires page

Click on the Instant Inventory icon on the left navigation bar > Inquiries tab.

Click on an inquiry and add the customer to My Contacts, open the item page or contact the RapNet seller in Trade Center.

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