Instant Inventory Setup

How to choose an Instant Inventory feed, fill out your settings, and pick the currency to display on your website

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You can set up your instant inventory in a one-time setup flow, made up of 4 parts.

  1. Choose an Instant Inventory feed: Diamond or Jewelry

  2. Fill out your settings

  3. Choose your design

  4. Rules to establish which diamonds or jewelry you want on your website.

Watch this video or continue reading below for step-by-step guidance.

  1. Diamond or jewelry feed:

  2. Settings:

    • Instant Inventory name

    • Company name

    • Website URL: Type in the URL where the instant inventory will be placed.
      IMPORTANT: If the URL in your settings does not match your website URL, Instant Inventory will not work.

    • Email address: This is the address your customers will send inquiries to.

    • Currency: Display diamond prices in one of 19 major currencies

      • The exchange rate is updated throughout the day.

      • Choosing a currency only affects the total price displayed to your customers. All prices on RapNet and in the Instant Inventory setup remain in US Dollars.

  3. Design:

    • Pre-designed Widget: use RapNet's widget for a quick and easy way of integrating instant inventory into your retail website.

    • Without Design: this means using our API to build your diamond search engine as well as incorporating possibilities such as multiple currencies and ring builders.

      • Using our API gives you more freedom and flexibility in the look and design of your website and requires the services of an IT programmer and web developer.

Now it's time to set up your feed using Rules.

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