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Introduction to RapNet Instant Inventory
Introduction to RapNet Instant Inventory

Instant Inventory features, benefits and and eligibility requirements

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RapNet Instant inventory provides thousands of diamond and jewelry items from RapNet to showcase on your retail website.

You can place the diamond feed on one page of your website and the jewelry feed on another page of your website.

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What does RapNet Instant Inventory provide?

  • Thousands of RapNet listed diamond and jewelry items to display on your website with instant updates

  • Integration using either our responsive diamond/jewelry widget or you can build your own customized diamond search engine using Instant Inventory API.

    • There are currently no add-to-cart or API options for the jewelry

  • A designated Inquiries tab to manage your Instant Inventory diamond and jewelry sales, helping you communicate efficiently between you, your customer, and the RapNet seller, and shortening the time it takes for you to close a sale.

What about the setup?

The setup is simple and takes 5 minutes! All you need to do is

  1. Fill out your settings: company name, website, email address, currency

  2. Choose diamond or jewelry criteria

  3. Select suppliers, you want to work with

  4. Mark up the price to display on your website.

Then you are ready to integrate the feed into your website

How easy is it to integrate into my website?

Once you've completed the setup, you can either copy & paste our widget code into your website or build your own customized diamond search engine using apis.

Read more about this here.

Note: Right now, RapNet Instant Inventory does not provide payment solutions.

Access to Instant Inventory & Instant Inventory Trial Accounts

  • Instant Inventory is open to all RapNet members: all members can create a diamond or jewelry feed and preview the diamond/jewelry widget to see how it would appear on their website.

  • To get the script for publishing the feed to your website, please talk to your RapNet Account Manager about activating a one-month free trial or a paid Instant Inventory subscription.

You will need to show evidence of having an e-commerce retail website.


Non-RapNet members must first join RapNet and supply all the verification documents required to join before. This process can take 1-2 business days for approval.

Thinking about selling diamonds or jewelry on your website?

Go to RapNet Instant Inventory and start setting up a diamond or jewelry feed today!

Click here to find out more!

Note: You may not download RapNet Instant Inventory data to your computer. RapNet Instant Inventory is for displaying RapNet-listed diamonds on your retail e-commerce site as if they were your own. Any use of Instant Inventory other than display on your site is considered abuse of RapNet data.

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