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Instant Inventory images & videos
Instant Inventory images & videos

Accepted images and videos for Instant Inventory items

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Diamond and jewelry pages on your website will only display images that are uploaded directly to RapNet's Media Library, and whitelisted videos.

Diamond Images and Grading Reports

  • Only diamond images uploaded directly to RapNet's Media Library will show on Instant Inventory.

  • Images or reports linked to external websites are not displayed on your website.

  • If no grading report is available, the grading laboratory verification website link is provided.

Diamond Videos

  • All videos from whitelisted video providers display on the Instant Inventory widget

  • All videos from whitelisted video providers plus Sarine videos display on Instant Inventory APIs

Click here for a complete list of whitelisted diamond video providers on RapNet.

Jewelry images & videos:

All jewelry images and videos show on Instant Inventory.

Note: Every jewelry item page contains at least one image.

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