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Not enough diamonds/jewelry on my Instant Inventory feed
Not enough diamonds/jewelry on my Instant Inventory feed

Increase the number of diamonds or jewelry items in your Instant Inventory feed

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Once you've set up your diamond or jewelry rules, your feed should populate within a few minutes.

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Review your Instant Inventory feed

  1. Instant Inventory Setup: You must complete at least one rule for diamonds/jewelry to feed through. One rule includes diamonds/jewelry, suppliers, and pricing. For items to come into your feed, all 3 must be complete.

  2. Fancy colored diamond rule:

    1. You must select a fancy color intensity range as well as the fancy colors.

    2. Fancy-colored diamonds do not usually include fluorescence.

  3. Suppliers: Have all your selected suppliers given you the authorization to display their listings on your website and do they list diamonds that won't pull through to the feed? Scroll down this article to read more about this.

  4. Price Markups: Make sure your price markup covers the ‘Total Price’ or ‘Carat’ range that you chose when setting up your Diamond criteria.

Troubleshoot: too few diamonds/jewelry items coming through to your feed

  1. Your Instant Inventory feed does not return the same number of diamonds or jewelry as a RapNet search.

    1. Some sellers do not give permission to members to showcase their diamonds or jewelry via Instant Inventory. Click here to learn how to request permission.

    2. Suppliers can choose all or specific inventory that they want to make available for Instant Inventory. Some suppliers allow much less than their full RapNet inventory.

  2. Rules limiting the number of diamonds filtering through. These diamond rules limit diamonds from feeding through.

    1. Carat range of .01 – 0.30ct

    2. Low total price range, for example, $1.00 to $1000

    3. Clarity range of only I1 – I3

    4. Show only Guaranteed Available: only tick this box if you know your chosen suppliers guarantee the availability of their diamonds.

    5. No BGM: only tick this box if you know your chosen suppliers have uploaded diamonds and indicated them as 'No BGM'.

    6. Fluorescence colors.

      1. Never choose 'None' and a fluorescence color in the same rule.

      2. Only select fluorescence color, if the suppliers you choose actually list all their diamonds with fluorescence color. If you choose all suppliers/suppliers who don't list diamonds with fluorescence color, their diamonds will not filter through at all.

    7. Depth and table percentages. Only specify depth or table measurements if your chosen suppliers specify the depth and table of all their diamond listings. Their diamonds will feed through, based on your filters. If you choose all suppliers/suppliers who don't list diamonds with these measurements, their diamonds will not filter through.

      TIP: Make a search on the regular RapNet search engine, using the very same parameters that you set up on your Instant Inventory feed. If you get zero or few results, then it means that your parameters are too limiting and your suppliers may not have been as specific as you when uploading their diamond details.

  3. Diamonds listed in your/your seller's inventory with these criteria do not pull through to the Instant Inventory feeds:

    1. Less common diamond shapes such as European Cut, Flanders, Old Minor, Trilliant, Baguette, Rose, Square Emerald, Shield Other Shape.

    2. White diamonds below 'M' color.

    3. Cash Priced Diamonds: make sure your chosen suppliers list with regular asking prices.

    4. Treated diamonds

    5. Matched pairs

  • All changes to your Instant Inventory rules reflect instantly on your retail website.

  • Please contact us via our support page if the diamonds still do not appear soon after updating your rules.

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