To attract more attention from buyers, we encourage you to upload diamond images and video.

  • There is no limit to the number of images you can upload per diamond
  • We accept image files formatted as a PNG or JPG, GIF and and http image links ending in JPG or PNG. Only these images or links display images on the diamond item page.
  • Diamonds uploaded with external image URL’s:
    - Do not display on diamond item pages and Instant Inventory
    - Will display on the item page under a section called 'Media URL's'. Clicking on a thumbnail will link the buyer to the external link in a new tab
  • RapNet Classic does not support media management

Diamond Item Page displaying diamond image uploaded in jpg or png format

Diamond Item Page displaying image linked to external website

Upload Diamond Image Files

The quickest and simplest method is to upload images to RapNet’s Media Library.

Watch this video or continue reading to learn how to upload single diamond images or zip folder with multiple images.

Upload Multiple Image files to your Media Library

  1. Go to media library:
  2. Click on Upload New Media
  3. Drag & Drop or Browse a single image or zip folder with images.

Important Notes

  • RapNet automatically connects your image file to your diamond if the image file name matches stock or certificate number
    Example: Diamond Stock number: 123
    Image file name: 123.jpg.
    File names for multiple images: 123_1.jpg, 123_2.jpg, 123_3.jpg etc.
  • If your image file name is not named with the cert or stock number, you will need to list the image file's name in your stock file's Diamond Image column and upload the images manually in the media library
    - Stock upload file > Diamond Image field > type in your image file names and upload stock file
    - Use semi colons to separate multiple images. Example: File names for multiple images: 123_1.jpg, 123_2.jpg, 123_3.jpg etc.
    - Upload the image files to your Media Library
  • Image sizes are limited to 10 MB, including zip files

  • Any http image links ending in JPG or PNG are automatically saved to your Media Library. This means that you can manage your diamond images both in the Media Library and on the Diamond Item page
  • Use the Diamond Image field in the upload file to paste your http image links and use semi colons to separate multiple images

If you are uploading diamond images using links formatted in JPG, PNG or GIF, you can prepare a CSV file with the image links and upload directly to RapNet.

Watch the video above and continue reading for step by step guidance

  1. Prepare a CSV file with one single column for the links, no column header required

2. Go to your Media Library and click Upload New Media > Upload CSV with Image Links

3.Drag & Drop or Browse your CSV File

4. RapNet processes your file

5. We email you a report with the status of each uploaded link


  • If the link URL matches your diamond stock or certificate number, the video/image will automatically connect to your diamond. Otherwise go to your media library and connect the diamond image manually

Upload diamond media directly to a single diamond item

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