• Diamond image links formatted/suffixed with png, jpg or gif. display diamond images on the diamond item page, increasing the chance of your diamond being shared on social media or showcased by retailers using Instant Inventory.
  • Diamonds uploaded with external image URL’s only display for RapNet users and do not display on diamond item pages and Instant Inventory.

If the images are named with the diamond stock or cert number, they will automatically connect to the diamond.

Otherwise list the image file names in your stock file's Diamond Image column and upload the images manually in the media library.

You can also add a video link in the Diamond Image upload column


  • This column can contain multiple image file names but only one link. You cannot upload a 2 URL links in one Diamond Image column.
  • We advise converting your image links into a PNG or JPG and uploading them directly to the Media Library. Read this article to learn how to upload multiple media URL links for single diamond.

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