FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a safe way of transferring image files from your computer directly to another computer.

Using RapNet’s FTP, you can easily upload diamond images to your RapNet Media Library.

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RapNet FTP Upload Requirements

Before uploading images using FTP, you need the following:

  1. The Key File: This is a text file which contains an encryption\license key. It allows your computer to transfer data/image safely to RapNet.

  2. An FTP Client: This the communication program used to transfer your data. It needs to be installed on your computer or server. We recommend using FileZilla

  3. A folder with diamond images: Save the image folder to the computer where the Key File and FTP Client are saved.

    • Acceptable image file types: Jpeg, PNG and Gifs

    • Image Filenames: In English and one word only.

Download Key File

  1. Go to https://trade.rapnet.com/#/settings/preferences/ftpSetup > click & download the File Key .

  2. A text file opens up on your computer, titled 'ssh key' > Save this file on the same computer or server that you are going to download & run the FTP client.

Download FTP Client

  1. Click here to download FileZilla > Select ‘Standard FTP’ > Download

  2. Open file > Run > select for "anyone who uses the computer"

  3. Complete installation

FTP Setup and Image File Transfer

Now that you have downloaded the FTP client, you are ready to set up the connection to our FTP service.

Step 1: RapNet FTP Set Up

  1. Open FileZilla > File > Site Manager

  2. Click New Site button. A New Site folder appears in the panel above.

  3. Name your new site "RapNet".

  4. Your new site is created.

Modify the following in the right hand panel in the 'General' tab:

  1. Protocol: Choose SFTP-SSH from the drop-down menu

  2. Host: Copy and paste: ftp.rapaport.com

  3. Logon Type: Select Key file from the drop-down menu

  4. User: Copy and paste your RapNet username from RapNet’s FTP preferences settings (this is usually your Rapaport Account Number)

  5. Key File: Browse and select the Key File you downloaded above

    • IMPORTANT: If you do not see your keyfile, make sure you select ‘all files’ when browsing

  6. Connect > Check the box that asks you to always trust this host > click OK.

Your FTP connection is now active with window panes - the left hand side is your computer and the right hand side is your RapNet Media Library.

Understanding the FTP Dashboard

  1. FTP connection status

  2. Your computer: Browse to find your image folder

  3. Image files inside your selected folder

  4. FTP Remote Site: This is the RapNet site where your image files will be transferred to

  5. FTP filename: Images that have been transferred to your RapNet Media Library will appear here.

Step 2: Transferring your images via FTP

  1. In the top right window pane (4), click on your account number > diamonds > images.

  2. Go to the local site (2) > browse and select the folder containing your images.

  3. Select the images (3) > drag & drop across to the FTP files site. (5)

  4. FTP connection status should show ‘successful’ (1) > go to the RapNet Media Library to see your uploaded images.

Once setup is finished, you can always open FileZilla and use the shortcut button to connect called Site Library.

Add more images in your Media Library via FTP

  1. Make sure that the 'images' folder is selected in the Remote Site (4)

  2. Browse and select your folder with images (2)

  3. Select all images > Right Click > Upload

  4. If some of the images are already inside your Media Library, do the following

    1. Actions > Overwrite

    2. Check 'Always use this action'

    3. Check 'Apply only to uploads'

Advanced Tip:

To save bandwidth and not overwrite images, go to the Transfer tab in the Menu bar.

  1. Select Default File Exist Action

  2. Uploads: Choose Overwrite File If Size Differs from the drop-down menu > OK.

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