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Key features on RapNet's Search Results Table
Key features on RapNet's Search Results Table

Diamond Table view options, customize, reorder and resize columns, select diamonds, add quick notes and focus mode

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Here's an overview of the search results table key features.

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Overview of key features Search Results page

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  1. Improved Performance: results load faster

  2. Customization

    • Unlimited custom columns: Choose preferred custom columns to display in your new search results table. There is no limit to how many columns are displayed.

    • Re-order your columns by dragging and dropping into place, according to personal preference.

    • Expand / Adjust the column width: Hover over the column bar to expand the column.

    • Sort Columns: click on the title of the column to sort the column.  An arrow indicates whether the column is sorted.

  3. Preferences are always saved per user login so there’s no need to keep reapplying the same modifications each time a user logs in.

  4. Quick Actions: Add a note, choose a color and quickly view your note’s content by hovering on the note icon.

  5. Identification

    • Diamond row turns grey when you hover.

    • Diamond row changes to light blue once you’ve clicked and expanded the diamond information. This immediately identifies which diamonds you have already viewed.

Custom Columns

Customize the data you view on your search results page and even add more columns to your search results table

  1. Click More > Custom Columns.

  2. Pop-up displays with custom column options > Select columns and Save

    To reset the search results table back to RapNet’s default columns:

    • Click again on the More button > select Custom Columns.

    • A pop-up displays with custom column options > click Reset Columns

Select Diamonds

You can select up to 250 diamonds, this can include multiple diamonds when moving between pages.

  • The tag at the top of the search results counts the number of diamonds selected. When nothing is selected, there is no indication.

  • Click Deselect All to dismiss all selected diamonds.

  • You can select diamonds across all diamond search result pages and perform actions or filters on the search results, for example: sorting, filtering, reordering columns.

  • Clicking Select all on the page cancels the previous selection from other pages if more than 250 will be selected.

  • If promoted diamonds selected – they will be counted in the selection as well.

Adjust Column width or re-order columns

You can expand or adjust the column width or drag and drop columns into place

Quick Notes and Opened Diamond Indicator

  1. Light blue indicates diamonds you have already opened and viewed

  2. Column headers are frozen, display constantly 

  3. Hovering over to view note’s contents. Ability to edit or delete the note

Focus Mode

Use RapNet’s special focus mode to move into full-screen mode.

This enables you to focus just on diamond data as well as perform actions.

Click Enter Focus Mode to move to special focus mode.

  1. Select one or more diamonds whilst in focus mode.

  2. Perform the same actions you would in your standard search results view

  3. Toggle between Light/Dark focus mode and Exit Focus Mode.

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