Finding the diamond you need is quick and easy using RapNet's search engine.

The search engine is accurate and fast, allowing you to find your particular diamond among the thousands of diamond listings on RapNet.

The diamond search form comes in a number of view modes and you can search for white or fancy colored diamonds, diamond parcels, and investment-grade diamonds.

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Choose your search engine's view mode to suit you: Standard view, Classic View, Compact View

Classic View Mode

Keyboard friendly, saved searches, responsive design

White and Fancy Colored Diamond Search

  1. In the Color parameters, select Fancy or White >> Choose your Color

  2. Notice how your search criteria appear as tags at the top of the page. You can remove any of your selected criteria by clicking the X

RapNet parcels are only for white diamonds, there are no fancy colored parcels of diamonds on RapNet.

Parcel Search on the Web: Go to

Parcel Search on the App

Investment Grade diamonds are accompanied by a Rapaport Investment Diamond Certificate.

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