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Filter, sort and view your diamond listings

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On your Manage My Diamonds page, you can view all your diamonds listings, update diamonds one by one or in bulk, change the status of your diamonds, and lots more.

Key features include:

  1. Customize and quickly sort your diamond listings table: Customize columns to choose the preferred data you want to display.

  2. Sort by Column: Click on the title of the column to sort the column. An arrow indicates whether the column is sorted.

  3. Customization: Re-order your columns by dragging and dropping them into place, according to personal preference.

  4. Expand/Adjust the column width: Hover over the column bar to expand the column.

  5. Actions

    • Sort By: Sort diamonds on multiple levels.

    • Choose how many diamond listings you want to view per page. Maximum 250 diamond listings.

    • Show only eg: Diamonds with Cash prices/Own Stock/Blocked diamonds or diamonds exceeding your quota are allowed to be listed on RapNet.

    • Actions: Update diamond's availability status (refer to this page for an explanation)

      • Export all, selected or filtered listings.

      • Update all or selected listings: Listings continue to appear on RapNet for another week.

      • Delete all or selected listings.

  6. Filter to view selected diamonds only. For example, you might want to view only diamonds with images.

Navigate Manage My Diamonds

  1. Filter your Diamonds Listings

  2. Actions: Sort/Show only/Custom Columns/Show results per page/Export/Update

  3. Select one or more diamond listings

  4. Quick Actions for a single diamond: Hover over a diamond row -

    1. Diamond Item Page: Read more about your diamond item page here.

    2. Edit diamond

    3. Position this diamond: Refer to this article.

Note: 'Diamond Item Page' and 'Position this diamond' actions are not available for diamonds with status set to NA.

Custom Columns

Customize the diamond data you want to see on your listings page and even add more columns to your search results table.

There is no limit to the number of columns displayed

  1. Click Custom Columns

  2. Pop-up displays with custom column options > Select columns and Save.

    • To reset the search results table back to RapNet’s default columns.

    • Click again on the More button > select Custom Columns.

    • A pop-up displays with custom column options > click Reset Columns

Filter your Diamond Listings

  • Filter your diamonds by shape, size, color, clarity, certificate number, Lot Number, Status/Availability, and more!

  • Export your filtered lists to CSV.

Sort your Diamond Listings

You can either quickly sort your listings simply by clicking on the column header or sort multiple columns:

  1. Click on the column header to sort your listings according to one parameter.

  2. Sort your diamonds listings on multiple levels.

Note: You can sort all columns except for 'Notes'.

Export your diamond listings to CSV

You can export all, selected or filtered diamonds to a CSV file.

Export diamond listings to XL from RapNet

  1. Go to Manage My Listings.

  2. Select all or some of your diamond listings.

  3. Click 'Export All' or 'Export Selected'.

Export diamond listings to XL using RapNet XL

RapNet XL users can easily export their diamond listings to CSV by going to the RapNet XL toolbar and clicking on My Stock on RapNet.

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