To upload diamonds one by one, go to RapNet > Upload Diamonds > Single

  • For GIA- graded diamonds, simply type in the GIA report number and we will load all the GIA-graded diamond data for you. All you need to do is fill in non-GIA data such as stock #, price, media, etc.

  • You will need to enter all data manually for Non-GIA graded/ uncertified diamonds:

NOTE: GIA data is not editable once we've loaded it for you!

This article explains both methods, as well as explaining how to update/refresh your stock.

Upload GIA single diamond

  1. Go to Upload Diamonds > Single

  2. Type in GIA report number > click Load Data

  3. Diamond data loads. This data is taken directly from GIA and is not editable.

  4. Fill out non-GIA information such as Stock #, Price & Location, Rough Source, Media, etc. > Save

Upload Non-GIA graded/uncertified diamonds

  1. Go to Upload Diamonds > Single

  2. See "For other labs or uncertified diamonds, Please click here"

  3. Fill in as much information as you can, upload media > Save

Updating and refreshing your stock on RapNet

Click here to view, edit and update your listings

You can also update your listings on the RapNet App

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