You can upload a single diamond by either typing in the GIA report number and populating the diamond data fields, or filling out the single diamond upload page.

This article explains both methods, as well as explaining how to update/refresh your stock.

RapNet > Diamonds > Upload Diamonds > Single

Single diamond upload with GIA Certificate

If you are adding a diamond graded by GIA, you can populate the diamond data fields simply by filling out the GIA report number and clicking Load Data

Data fields populate with the information we receive from GIA.

Watch this video to learn how!

Important Notes:

  • This is for single diamond upload only

  • Treatment is not pulled from GIA so if your diamond is treated, you will need to fill this manually.

  • You must review all diamond data before uploading. Check all the data fields, especially shape, fancy color

  • Not all fields will be filled out automatically and you will also need to enter some fields yourself e.g.: Stock number, pricing information

Single Diamond Page

  1. Go to Diamond -> Upload Diamonds -> Single

  2. Fill in as much information as you can and refer to for an explanation of all diamonds field names and criteria.

  3. Click “ Save Lot” in between loading each stone

Updating and refreshing your stock on RapNet

Click here to view, edit and update your listings

You can also update your listings on the RapNet App

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