Why are my diamonds not uploading?

How to check upload history, understand why diamonds aren't uploading or displaying correct information, and how to fix these issues.

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RapNet's upload history page displays how many diamonds were uploaded, which diamonds were valid, or invalid, and the reasons why.

This article explains the upload history page and your invalid listings file, common reasons why diamonds fail to upload, and how to best upload practices.

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Upload History Page in detail

The Upload History Page chronologically displays all your RapNet diamond uploads and you can see how many uploaded successfully, which ones failed, and the reason why.

  1. Date and time lots were uploaded

  2. Number of lots received, how many were valid/invalid

    1. Valid Lots: Diamonds that were accepted on RapNet. Some values may have been translated to uniform values.

    2. Invalid Lots: Diamonds that were rejected, and will not appear on RapNet. Clicking on the exclamation mark downloads the invalid diamonds

      1. Errors: Rejected diamonds with the rejection reason

      2. Warnings: A warning for none crucial issues, such as values that will be discarded. You should try to fix these issues.

    3. Pending Verification: Read more here

  3. Download stock/repeat upload/download invalid listings file to see reasons why diamonds failed to upload.

  4. Pending Verification: Read more here

GIA Pending Verification

As of May 22nd, 2022, we validate diamond data for all GIA-graded diamonds and replace incorrect data or update missing information with gemological data direct from GIA, before publishing them on RapNet.

This means that we were not able to immediately validate your GIA diamond. There's nothing to worry about - we will automatically keep retrying for 24 hours until we get those diamonds' details and add them to your listings.

Error fetching GIA data: auto-retry enabled

GIA Pending Verification FAQs

  1. Why are some of my GIA diamonds not uploading to RapNet? If we do not find GIA data for a diamond, that diamond will fail to upload.

    1. Go to Upload History to see your diamond upload.

    2. Click “Download invalid diamonds” > CSV file exports with error messages explaining why the diamond failed to upload

  2. What do the error messages in the file mean?

    1. We are trying to fetch the diamond data from GIA. There is no action required on your part and we will continue to retry for the next 12 hours.
      This means that we are trying to retrieve the data from GIA.

      1. Don’t worry, there is nothing that you need to do; RapNet will keep on trying to fetch the data from GIA and automatically upload it for you.

      2. If you do not see your diamond on RapNet after 12 hours, it either means that GIA hasn’t published the data or it’s a non-existent GIA number. The diamond will fail to upload and be rejected.

    2. The weight entered does not match the GIA report data. Please check that you have the correct diamond and lab report entered.

      1. The weight in your diamond upload file does not match the GIA report.

      2. Check your file for errors with the diamond weight

    3. Lab-grown Diamonds are banned from RapNet: We do not allow lab-grown diamonds to be uploaded and listed for sale on RapNet. We automatically suppress these diamonds.

    4. Invalid or missing price: All white diamonds under 4ct must be listed with the price. Please refer to this article for help.

  3. What happens if GIA can’t find my diamond? This happens when we cannot get the GIA data at all which indicates that GIA hasn’t published the data or it’s a non-existent GIA number. In this case, we reject the diamond.

  4. What about diamonds with other grading reports? There is no change in how RapNet handles non-GIA-graded diamonds.

  5. Will my diamonds still appear on RapNet even if they are not certified? Yes, these changes only affect GIA-graded diamonds.

  6. Why have you changed my report comments? GIA’s report comments replace any comments you have placed in the comment field. Please use the Member Comments field in your diamond upload file to add non-grading comments.

  7. What about very old GIA reports? If you have a very old GIA report, please contact your account manager with the GIA report number.

Common Reasons why diamonds fail to upload and how to fix

  1. An entire field/data column is missing, for example, all your stock numbers are missing on RapNet. This usually happens when the missing column's field name is incorrect. Refer here to correct.

  2. Authentication Failed' message when uploading with RapNet XL: This is usually due to the wrong username and or password being entered.

  3. Diamonds Exceeding Quota: If you are on the RapNet Dealer plan, you can upload up to $7 million in value at any one time.

    1. If the value of your uploaded diamonds surpasses your allowance, we will suppress some diamonds to cap the total listed value to $7 million.

    2. When this happens, RapNet caps your listings to the allowed quota and you'll see this message when going to Manage My Diamonds.

    3. To continue listing your full diamond inventory, we advise you to talk to your account manager about upgrading your plan to the next level.

      Click here to contact us.

  4. Diamonds do not show as Guaranteed Available: When uploading diamonds as "Guaranteed Available", you must also fill in either Country, City, or State, otherwise the Guaranteed Available status will not show. This is because Guaranteed Available means the seller has immediate access to the diamond.

  5. A grading lab report is missing on RapNet:

    1. For your diamond to be displayed as a graded diamond, you must also provide the certificate number.

    2. If the certificate number is not provided the Lab type will be removed automatically and the diamond will appear as uncertified.

  6. Old grading report showing on RapNet

    1. We will automatically pull most GIA, IGI, and HRD reports and display them on RapNet for you if you list the Lab and certificate number when uploading your diamonds.

    2. If you have received an updated/new report for your diamond and the incorrect (old) report is still attached to your diamond, please contact your account manager.

  7. The number of diamonds in my file does not match the number of diamonds listed on RapNet:

    1. Have you listed duplicate diamonds? Our system rejects diamonds that are duplicated within one account. One of the ways we look for duplicates is through Lab and Report Numbers. If we find duplicate diamonds in an account, we accept the upload but delete the duplicates later.

    2. RapNet Dealer allows you to list a total value of $7m. If you have gone over your quota, we will only display your allowed quota on a public search.

  8. My diamond is not displaying as RapSpec A1: To get a RapSpec A1, you need to meet these conditions:

    1. Your upload file must include a column heading "Seller Spec", and the value is "A1". If you are uploading a single diamond, enter A1 in the 'Seller Spec' Field Name. (https://technet.rapaport.com/Info/LotUpload/FieldsAndValues.aspx#SellerSpec)

    2. Your diamond must have RapSpec A1 parameters.

      1. Be sure to read through each and every RapSpec A1 requirement (Click here to view) and compare it carefully with your diamond.

      2. GIA comments such as graining will eliminate your diamond from an A1 category.

Diamond Upload Best Practices

  1. Always refer to our Fields and Values for thorough guidance and also check that all columns are correctly formatted.

  2. Check your Diamond Upload History

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