List diamonds via the RapNet app
Upload single diamonds to the RapNet App using GIA report number
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On the RapNet App, you can upload diamonds one by one by either entering the GIA report number or all the diamond data.

You can also update your diamond listings, and check your upload history.

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Navigate to Upload Diamond

  1. Click on the top-right menu bar

  2. scroll down to Diamonds > Upload Diamond

Quick upload GIA diamond on the app

Watch this video or read on for directions on how to!

  1. Menu Bar > Scroll down to Diamond > Upload Diamond.

  2. Enter your diamond's GIA report number > Load Data.

  3. All the available diamond information from your GIA report is automatically entered into correct fields.

  4. Fill out your asking price, availability and location!

Single diamond upload on the app

  1. Menu Bar > Scroll down to Diamond > Upload Diamond.

  2. Type in diamond data.

Watch this video to learn how to upload a diamond on the mobile App.

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