Listing GIA-graded diamonds
GIA diamond data validation during the upload process.
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To improve the accuracy and speed of your diamond uploads, we validate all GIA-graded diamonds during the upload process.

This is what happens:

  1. We replace incorrect data or update missing information with gemological data pulled direct from GIA.

  2. To ensure data accuracy, we do not upload a diamond if we don't yet have the GIA data for that diamond and cannot validate the GIA information.

Some GIA diamonds take longer to validate. If this happens, RapNet automatically keeps trying to validate & upload the diamond on your behalf multiple times over the next 24-hour period to ensure it gets uploaded accurately. Read this article to see when this happens.


  1. GIA Shapes:

    1. We replace all diamond data with gemological data direct from the GIA report.

    2. In a few cases, we allow the seller to determine the shape of the GIA-graded diamond and upload their own shapes.

    3. Click here to view the list of shapes and their allowed alternatives.

  2. Personal non-grading comments: Place these in the Member Comment field. If you put them in the Report Comments field, they will be replaced during the validation and upload process by GIA's Report Comments.

Error fetching GIA data: auto-retry enabled

When you see this error, it means that we were not able to immediately validate your GIA diamond. There's nothing to worry about, we will automatically keep retrying for 24 hours until we get those diamonds' details and add them to your listings.

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