These are the 3 most common diamond uploading methods:

  • Add a single diamond
  • Using RapNet XL: a Microsoft Excel plug-in to upload diamonds directly to RapNet (Click here to download )
  • Uploading a comma delimited (CSV) file. Click here for guidance

You can also upload your diamonds using our API


  • All types of diamond treatments MUST be specified in the Treatment field.
  • List both Lab and Report number otherwise your diamond will not be listed as a graded diamond. RapNet links a potential buyer to the corresponding laboratory website and the report check will appear.  Note: We do not allow EGL graded diamonds to be listed on RapNet.
  • White diamonds under 4ct must be uploaded with $/ct or discount.
  • Fancy colored diamonds must be filled in their specially assigned fields and not in the D-Z field.
  • Your listings will expire after 8 days. If all the stock remains the same, simply click here to refresh them or upload a new Excel file.
  • Numeric fields should not include commas, $, or % (i.e. in the price field $1,000 is not acceptable, instead type 1000).
  • We do not allow the lab grown diamonds to be uploaded on RapNet

Refer here for full uploading guidance.

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