Sometimes your diamond prices do not show correctly on RapNet or don't show at all!

These are the most common issues members have when pricing their diamonds, and the solution for fixing the problem!

  1. White diamonds (D-Z color) under 4ct must be uploaded with $/ct or discount.

  2. N-Z color or Fancy Colored diamonds: Since there is no Rapaport list for these ranges, you need to price these diamonds as $/ct pricing, not the discount.

  3. Your Pricing:

    • There are 4 columns for diamond pricing: RapNet Price, RapNet Discount Percent, Cash Price and Cash Price Discount Percent. Open your diamond inventory upload file and check it only includes the Prices field names listed here.

    • You can offer 2 different prices for your diamonds: a RapNet Price and a Cash Price.

      • The RapNet price is the price which you are prepared to sell the diamond for after discount, often a memo or credit price.

      • The Cash price is the price which you are prepared to sell for cash on delivery.

    • The RapNet Price and Cash Price columns are for the dollar per carat price, after discount.

    • RapNet Discount Percent and Cash Price Discount Percent are for the Rapaport discount percentage price.

    • If both discount % and $/ct are filled in and uploaded, RapNet only considers the $/ct so carefully check the pricing in your diamond inventory upload file

    1. There’s no need to fill out the Rapaport price. RapNet calculates that when uploading the diamond.

    2. 10 carat+ diamonds: If you use the 5 carat price list to price your 10 carat+ diamonds, you will need to upload the diamond data with $/ct pricing, not the discount %.

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