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Navigate and use RapNet XL

RapNet XL is divided into a 4 sections.

Rapaport Prices

  • Click Rapaport Prices to see the latest Rapaport price list.

  • Click Update Prices to get the latest Rapaport price list.

  • Use Price Worksheet to calculate prices and discounts for diamonds.
    Click on Price Worksheet:

    • Enter diamonds data.

    • You can also cut and paste from existing file
      RapNet XL automatically fills out the Rapaport discount or price/ct

  • Compare your prices to the best and average prices on RapNet for that category of diamonds.

  • Click Fill in Rapaport Prices to calculate the discounts of dollar per carat prices for your diamonds on existing worksheet.

Diamond Upload

  • Click New Stock File to download an Stock File template.

  • Upload to RapNet: Choose either:

    1. Replace All: Lots not included in the upload file are removed from RapNet.

    2. Add and Update: New lots are added, existing lots are updated and lots that are not included in the upload file remain listed on RapNet

  • Click View Buy Requests to download, view and filter all current buy requests posted on RapNet.

  • Click on My stock on RapNet to download your existing inventory from RapNet.

RapNet on the Web

Use shortcuts help you find diamonds and manage your files on RapNet.


  • Settings -> Price Settings

    • Change the default fill in price settings.

    • Choose to use 5ct price instead of 10ct price list for calculations on the price worksheet.

  • Turn on Auto RapPrice to have your RapNet Price or RapNet Discount prices automatically calculated as you enter or update data into your stock file.

    • Click Apply and then OK

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