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Navigate and use RapNet XL
Navigate and use RapNet XL

Understanding each tab on RapNet XL and how to use RapNet XL functions

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Watch this video to learn how to use RapNet XL or continue reading below

Navigate and use RapNet XL

RapNet XL is divided into 4 sections.

Rapaport Prices

  • Update Prices: Get the latest Rapaport price list on RapNet XL & start calculating!

  • Rapaport Prices: View the latest Rapaport price list.

  • Price Worksheet: Click to create a worksheet that allows you to calculate prices and discounts for diamonds.

    • Enter diamonds data or cut & paste data from an existing file > Rap % and Rap-Price automatically populates.

    • Type in either your $/ct or $/Total and the other will automatically calculate

  • Fill in Rapaport Prices: Calculate the discounts of dollar-per-carat prices for your diamonds on an existing worksheet.

  • Compare to RapNet: Click to compare your prices to the best and average prices on RapNet for that category of diamonds.

Diamond Upload

  • New Stock File: Click to open a Stock File/inventory template

  • View Buy Requests: Export, view & filter all live RapNet Buy Requests

  • My stock on RapNet: Export your existing RapNet inventory to CSV

  • Upload to RapNet: Choose either:

    1. Replace All: Lots not included in the upload file are removed from RapNet.

    2. Add and Update: New lots are added, existing lots are updated and lots that are not included in the upload file remain listed on RapNet

RapNet on the Web

Use shortcuts to help you find diamonds and manage your files on RapNet.


  • Settings: Choose Price Settings

    • Change the default fill-in price settings.

    • Choose to use the 5ct price instead of the 10ct price list for calculations on the price worksheet.

  • Auto RapPrice: Turn on to have your RapNet Price or RapNet Discount prices automatically calculated as you enter or update data into your stock file.

    • Click Apply and then OK

  • Paid subscribers can find and access the diamond price calculator on the RapNet App, RapNet, and, depending on their membership.

  • The level of functionality of the price calculator varies depending on your membership plan and location.

Visit the RapNet diamond pricing tools page to learn more ways to make diamond pricing easier for you and your customers.

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