There are various methods for sellers to list and update diamond inventory to RapNet.

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Common diamond uploading methods

These are the 3 most common diamond uploading methods:




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Single Diamond


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RapNet XL



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RapNet Website



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Uploading diamonds using an API

You can also upload diamonds using web services or HTTP post

Click here to read more about uploading your diamonds via our API.

Important note for API and Authentication

To upload your diamonds using an API, your programmer need security credentials to authenticate and access upload resources.

For security reasons, do not share your RapNet login credentials with your programmer.

Create a separate set of credentials instead. These are called Access Keys and will enable you to securely give programmers or Tech teams access to Rapaport services, without sharing RapNet login credentials.

Click here to learn how to set up and manage your API credentials

RapNet XL

Which diamond uploading method is right for me?

Its hard to track your inventory doing single uploads so we recommend uploading from an Excel or CSV file

  • With Excel, you can choose update or replace all, depending on if you want to only add changes or resync your entire RapNet stock with your Excel file.

  • Single diamond uploads are meant for people with 50 diamonds or less.

  • Click here to go to TechNet and learn more about uploading

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