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Respond to Buy Requests on the App
Find buy requests which match your inventory, suggest diamonds, reply & chat with the buyer and manage your buy request responses.
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The All Buy Requests page indicates if your inventory matches the buy request.

You can click on a Buy Request where your inventory matches and suggest some of your listed diamonds and send a message.

If you do not have matching inventory, you can still reply and chat with the potential buyer.

Read on to find out how, or jump to a section with these links:

Respond to a buy request on the app

When you click on a Buy Request, there are 3 tabs:

  1. Details: all the buy request details and the buyer details

  2. My Response: to reply to the buy request

    1. If you don't have any matching diamonds and just want to chat to the buyer > click 'add response' and type in your reply

    2. You can also update an existing response

  3. My Listings: A list of your diamonds matching this buy request.

    1. Filter to find specifically matched diamonds to send to the buyer

    2. Select diamond/s you want to send to the buyer [select minimum 1 diamond]

    3. Scroll down > click Add Selected

    4. Type in a message > Send response

Find buy requests you've responded to on the app

"All Requests" tags the buy requests you have responded to. Instead of scrolling through all the buy requests to find them, you can filter for them.

  1. Filter > Select 'Responded Buy Requests

  2. View all requests with your latest responses > tap on specific buy request

    1. Buy Request Details

    2. Your Response

      1. Date last responded

      2. Click on the arrow to update your reply/chat

      3. Inventory that you offered the buyer

    3. All your inventory that matches this buy request

Update your buy request responses via the app

  1. Open a specific buy request

  2. Add more diamonds

    1. Navigate to the "My Listings" tab

    2. Select the diamonds you want to add to the response

    3. Tap "Add selected" at the bottom of the screen

  3. Update a reply

    1. Tap on your response > goes to RapNet Chat

    2. Type message > enter

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