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Find and interact with Buy Requests on the app
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The RapNet app has full Buy Request functionality.

You can access Buy Requests from:

  1. The Dashboard

  2. The side menu > Tap and scroll down to Buy Requests

RapNet App Buy Request Features:

  • Buyers

    • Post public, private, or anonymous Buy Requests

    • Receive and view notifications when listed diamonds match your Buy Request

    • Newly listed diamonds automatically added to the buy request

    • Connect diamonds from the search results to the buy request

    • Reject diamonds and we'll never suggest them again!

  • Sellers

    • Receive an alert when there's a buy request matching your inventory.

    • Ability to respond to buy requests

    • Filter the Buy Request page to view buy requests matching your inventory or to see buy requests that they've responded to.

Navigate Buy Requests on the App

There are 2 tabs for Buy Requests:

  1. All Requests: Displays all active buy requests posted by other members. Your own buy requests do not appear on this page

    1. Add a new buy request (+ button)

    2. 2 indicators

      1. If your inventory matches the buy request

      2. If you have already responded or made a note about a buy request.

    3. Respond to the buy request

    4. Personal Note: you can make a personal note alongside a buy request

    5. Filter and find buy requests

  2. My Requests: This shows active buy requests created by you, as a buyer

    1. Add a new buy request (+ button)

    2. Buy requests with responses

    3. Make a note on one of your buy requests

    4. Filters for finding expired buy requests or buy requests with/without responses

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