This article explains how to find buy requests matching your inventory, replying to them and managing your buy request responses.

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Use Buy Requests to sell more diamonds

Watch this video for a quick run thru or continue reading below for step by step guidance .

There are 3 ways to find buy requests matching your invetory:

  1. Go to the All Buy Requests page and respond to any buy request.

    1. RapNet tags buy requests which:

      • Match your inventory

      • You have already responded to

    2. You can respond to buy requests even if your inventory does not exactly match your RapNet listed inventory by sending a message.

  2. RapNet Notifications: Click and go to a specific buy request matching your inventory.

  3. Receive a RapNet email and/push notification when your inventory matches active buy requests. Click on the View Notifications button to go to the buy request.

    1. The buy request seller default notification is off.

    2. To receive email and/push notifications once a day, click here and turn on your Notification Settings.

Respond to a Buy Requests

  1. Respond to the Buy Request. Either:

    1. Hover over a buy request row > click the respond arrow icon

    2. Click on a buy request > Click Respond

  2. Suggest specific diamonds or message buyer

    1. If your inventory matches this buy request, the diamond(s) will appear below the request.

      1. Filter and/ select inventory

      2. Click Send Response

    2. Send the buyer one of your RapNet Lists

      1. Choose a List

      2. Select one of your RapNet Lists > Send Response

    3. If you do not have inventory listed on RapNet but would like to respond to the buyer anyway, just type a chat message.

  3. See which buy requests you responded to

    1. Filter for buy requests you have responded to

    2. RapNet tags buy requests you have responded to and the date you responded.


  • Once a diamond is suggested, it disappears from your list of diamonds you can suggest.

  • You can contact the buyer multiple times for the same buy request and update your initial reply.

  • If the buy request is anonymous, you can’t see the name of the buyer company until it's converted to a trade in Trade Center.

Chat about a Buy Request

A chat opens when you respond & send a message within a buy request.

The buyer sees the response and you can continue chatting about the Buy Request using the Chat feature.

Watch this short video to learn how!

Manage your Buy Request Responses

Go to All Buy Request page where you can filter for

  1. Buy requests you have already responded to

  2. Buy requests matching your inventory

  3. Buy request data such as price or diamond specifics

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