Add an image or video to a single diamond

How to upload or connect media one by one

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You can add images and videos to diamonds in bulk or one by one.

Read on to find out how, or jump to a section with these links:

Important: We recommend reading our Diamond Media Guidelines before uploading diamond media.

Add image/s to a diamond item page

Add the images directly from the diamond's item page or go to your media library and connect the image from there.

From the item page:

  1. Go to Manage my Diamonds > find diamond > open the item page

  2. Manage Media > Add Media.

  3. Select image from Media Library or from your local file.

  4. The diamond image shows on item page > Click Done.

From the media library:

a. Filter Not Connected Media

b. Click on the image

c. Connect to item

Add a video to a diamond item page

  1. Go to Manage my Diamonds > find your diamond> open diamond's item page and click Manage Media.

  2. Add Media

  3. Select Add Video from Website

  4. Paste in the video's URL > Add

  5. Video shows on item page > Click Done.

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