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The benefits of uploading diamonds with images & videos, media library feaures and navigation

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Upload your diamonds with an unlimited amount of diamond images plus one video and use RapNet’s Diamond Media Library to easily upload your images!

Your images will be displayed on diamond item pages and Instant Inventory, which raises the chances of your diamonds being shared on social media and showcased on retailer's jewelry websites.

Benefits of uploading diamonds with media

Listing diamonds with media on your diamond item page attracts more buyers thus helping you sell faster and sell more!

  • Diamonds with images and videos are more likely to get attention from retailers, which leads to more sales

  • Members are more likely to share your diamonds on social media, bringing you more buyers

  • Instant Inventory participating retailers are more likely to showcase your diamonds in their online stores, so your diamonds reach more customers worldwide.

Click here to give permission and allow instant inventory users to display their inventory on their websites.

RapNet Diamond Media Library features

In the Media Library, you can:

  • Upload and view diamond image files

  • Search and view jewelry media files

  • Check media status (Connected/Not connected media) and connect and disconnect images to jewelry

  • Delete images from RapNet

  • Check the last date uploaded

The Diamond Media Library can be viewed as a list of media or as a gallery (thumbnails).

Navigate the Diamond Media Library

Watch this video or read more below

  1. Show Connected or Not Connected Media

  2. Action buttons: Connect/Disconnect/ Delete media

  3. Switch from Gallery or List view

  4. Upload new media

  5. Zoom in to enlarge your view of the jewelry image

  6. View the last upload date

  7. View image information: connected/disconnected/delete/connect to an item

Read this article to learn how to perform all these actions.

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