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How to negotiate with a buyer, track changes, view trade status, close a deal and send an invoice in Trade Center
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When a buyer is interested in one of your listings, they will make an offer or contact you by clicking on the item page's Contact Seller button.

This opens Trade Center and where you can view their offer.

Important: Click here to turn on your Trade Center notifications to make sure you are notified whenever the buyer responds.

This page explains

Trade Center flow for RapNet sellers

  1. Find the trade. Either:

    1. Click on the Trade Center icon

    2. Click on your profile and go to trades

  2. Sell tab > Click on the offer to view

    1. Your trades: Filter by negotiation stage/newest trade/assign to another user

    2. Assign to another member of your team

    3. Chat window: Track trade changes, chat with the seller and send or receive files

    4. Item information: Click to open the Item page

    5. Trade Status: Current Sale Conditions

    6. Negotiation Terms: Click to submit make a counteroffer and/ update your terms, match price, sign agreement

    7. Buyer Information: Link to a member profile page

    8. Send invoice: Only once the price is matched and both signs have agreed and signed

  3. Negotiate: Click on See Negotiation Terms to:

    1. Accept the offer - price match

    2. Make counteroffer and update price.

    3. Update the payment and shipping terms and the type of transaction

  4. Agee and Sign: Once both sides price match, you can both Sign Agreement

  5. Invoice: Create and send

    • You can decline the offer at any stage, up until both parties have Signed the Agreement

    • Once completed, mark deal as complete

Creating an invoice template

  1. Go to My Account and Settings > Trading

  2. Enter your company information on all 3 Tabs

    1. Shipping details: Your company location [address].

    2. Invoice Template: Your business registration number and logo appear on the invoice.

    3. Term Sheet: Your sale terms for payment/shipping and returns.

Now you are ready!

Issue and send an invoice

  1. Click here to preview and send the invoice

  2. You can edit the payment due date if agreed on

  3. Number the invoice in order to preview and send

Important notes regarding sale conditions

  1. By default, the Sale Conditions and invoice will automatically incorporate the shipping details and term sheet information set up in your Trading Settings.

    • See the section above to learn how to set up

  2. You can edit the payment/transaction/shipping/trading terms for an individual sale by clicking on See Negotiation Terms and selecting Update Price & Terms.

  3. Click here to read more about price negotiation inside Trade Center.

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