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Working on a deal in Trade Center
Working on a deal in Trade Center
Sending attachments or invoices, reassign trades to your team and tracking changes and status of the deal
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Tracking changes in Trade Center

An admin message is displayed in the Chat window each time changes are made to the trade. For example: if the price was changed or matched or the agreement was signed.

Status of trades in Trade Center

Go to Sale Conditions to view the current status of a trade. Here you will see the original price listed on RapNet plus the seller’s terms and conditions.

Click on See Negotiation Terms to view the updated price or make a counteroffer.

Reassigning trades within your RapNet Team

Once a user has permission to access Trade Center, trades can be assigned to that user.

Note: Primary Account holders can set permissions for each user on their account, including permission to access Trade Center.

Read this article to learn how to give permission to users so they have Trade Center access: How do I manage access, permissions, and notifications for users on RapNet my account?

Send an attachment or grading report to Trade Center

Copy Stock Numbers for Multiple Items

If a single trade contains multiple items, you can copy the stock numbers for all the items.

Invoice your buyer in Trade Center

Invoicing your buyer directly in the Trade Center is quick, safe, and secure.

Step 1: Set up your Invoice Template ready for sales

  1. Type in your shipping details

  2. Upload your company logo on the invoice template

  3. Set your terms on the term sheet (note: you can always update your terms sheet on the individual trade)

Step 2: Send the invoice

Once you and your buyer reach Mazal on a trade and agree to the terms, send the invoice.

The buyer receives the invoice in the Trade Center.

Note: You can customize trading terms and conditions for a specific buyer when negotiating on a specific trade. These revised terms and conditions will show on this invoice only and will not affect your template

  1. Click See Negotiation Terms

  2. Update Price and Terms

  3. Update price/payment terms/transaction type/shipping and trading terms

  4. Add comments or additional terms to your invoice

Trade Center: Message Read Indicator

A message read" indicator so you can see when a member has read your messages sent inside Trade Center.

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