There are 2 Trade Center tabs: one houses all trades when you are the buyer and the other when you are the seller.

  1. Buy/Sell Tab

  2. Trades

    1. Search by company name or Account ID

    2. Sort trades by newest to oldest

    3. Filter trade by diamond/jewelry type or negotiationstatus.

    4. Select one or multiple trades to

      1. Delete

      2. Mark as read/unread

      3. Assign the trade to other members of your account. ***See note below

      4. Export all/selected trades to XL.

  3. Trade

    1. Date trade initiated

    2. Item title and price

    3. Buyer/Seller

    4. Assign the trade to other members of your account. ***See note below

  4. Trade Overview and Actions:

    1. Brief diamond details

    2. Link to company’s profile

    3. Assign the trade to other members of your account

    4. Delete /Mark as read or unread

  5. Chat window: Track trade changes - follow your communication and admin message updates when terms and prices are updated.

  6. Chat:

    1. Chat with the buyer/seller. Click here to learn how to translate Chats.

    2. Send reports or files up to 25 MB

  7. Item information: Click to open Item page

    • Multiple items are grouped

    • Each item is individually priced with the with total number of items, total price and total carats on top.

  8. Negotiation terms: Pop up window to update price and terms, until price is matched and agreement is signed.

  9. Company profile: link to profile page.

  10. Send/preview invoice

Note: Only Primary Account holders can set permissions for each user on their account, including permission to access Trade Center.

Read this article to learn how to give your team Trade Center access: How do I manage access, permissions and notifications for users on RapNet my account?

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