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Introduction to the RapNet Trade Center
Introduction to the RapNet Trade Center

What is the RapNet Trade Center and how to use it.

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RapNet's Trade Center is a central point for buying, selling, and managing all trades within the RapNet platform, it cuts out all the emails, external communication, and confusion and streamlines all the offers, negotiation, payment, and terms within one secure and efficient place.

We've made some improvements to RapNet Trade Center to make it an even better centralized tool for you to trade diamonds and jewelry securely and quickly.

Watch this video and continue reading below to find out more about the upgrades we've made to the Trade Center.

Trade Center Benefits

  1. Safe and secure: Communicate within RapNet reducing the ability for scammers and thieves to intercept your emails. ***see Note below

  2. Clearer communication: Chat, negotiate, and send attachments and invoices from one centralized place instead of using external emails and multiple communication platforms. This reduces misunderstandings and confusion.

  3. Efficient and streamlined: Track and manage all diamond and jewelry trades in one place.

  4. Seamless: All trades sync seamlessly between desktop and mobile apps, so you'll never miss a deal when you're out of the office or traveling.

  5. Easy navigation

***Note: This is dependent on how safe you, our members, keep your RapNet password. Sharing passwords means your trades are exposed. If you know your account/password has been shared, please change your password immediately.

Trade Center's Top Features

  • Simplified design and navigation, with filters to quickly find trades you are working on.

  • Easy Communication:

    • Large chat window to chat and record changes to pricing or terms.

    • A translation feature to facilitate trade.

    • Send attachments such as an image file or grading report.

  • Links to the diamond/jewelry item page

  • Dedicated pop-up window to:

    • Negotiate and agree on a price.

    • Update terms and conditions [seller only]

  • Collapsible negotiation and member profile components to improve focus.

  • Create and send invoices securely.

Find Trade Center on RapNet

  1. Trade Center icon on the left menu bar > handshake

  2. Or click on your profile to get a snapshot of your diamond or jewelry trades. Selecting a trade will take you directly to the Trade Center.

For more information on the Trade Center, click here to read the RapNet Trade Center Blog.

Trade Center on the App

Trade Center works seamlessly between your desktop and mobile app. That way, you can trade on the go and never miss a deal.

Find Trade Center on the app dashboard or click on the 3 horizontal lines > Trading > Selling/Buying

Price Negotiation inside Trade Center

  • When a trade starts, the price for the diamond/jewelry item is the price listed on RapNet at the time the offer was made.

    • Rap% calculations are according to the current Rapaport price list, regardless of when the price was set, or the offer made. If the Rapaport price list changes during your negotiation, we keep your $/ct offer and change the Rapaport price accordingly. You can always update your offer.

  • If the seller changes the price on RapNet, it does not affect the trade.

  • A seller can always make a counteroffer/change the price of an item for a specific trade, by clicking See Negotiation Terms and updating there.

    • These changes are reflected in the Sale Conditions.

    • The date the seller last changed the price in the trade appears together with the item price.

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