RapNet Trade Center is a central place for trading RapNet Diamonds and Jewelry securely and efficiently, removing all those disjointed and often insecure emails as well as phone calls and Whats App's.

Trade Center is efficient and streamlined

  • No more need for external emails and using multiple chat platforms such as WhatsApp or Skype.  This means that your communication will be clearer and less open to the confusion, which can often come as a result of a long email or WhatsApp thread.

  • Trade Center works seamlessly between your desktop and mobile app, so you'll never miss a deal when you're out of the office or traveling

  • Trade Center takes you through a series of organized steps on both the buying and selling side

Trade Center is safer and more secure.

  • Communicating within RapNet means that the ability of scammers and thieves to intercept your emails will be dramatically decreased. \

Note this is dependent on how safe you, our members keep your password. Sharing passwords from now on means your trades are exposed. If you know your account has been shared, please change your password immediately. 

Find Trade Center

  1. Find the Trade Center icon on the left menu bar - the handshake

  2. Or click on your profile to get a snapshot of your diamond or jewelry trades. Selecting a trade will take you directly to Trade Center

For more information on Trade Center, click here to read the RapNet Trade Center Blog.

Trade Center on the App

Trade Center works seamlessly between your desktop and mobile app. That way, you can trade on the go and never miss a deal.

Download the RapNet app, or update your existing version of the RapNet app:

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