When you are interested in an item and want to be in touch with the seller, click the Contact Seller button on the item page.

This triggers Trade Center and will open up a trade inside Trade Center.

Important: Click here to turn on your Trade Center notifications to make sure you are notified whenever the seller responds or updates their terms.

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Trade Center flow for RapNet buyers

  1. Open the diamond/jewelry item page and click on Contact Seller

  2. Write message to seller, make your offer and hit send.

  3. Go to Trade Center.

  4. Buy tab > Click on offer to view

    1. Your trades: Filter by negotation stage/newest trade/assign to another user

    2. Assign to another member of your team

    3. Chat window: Track trade changes, chat with the seller and send/receive files

    4. Item information: Click to open Item page

    5. Trade Status: Current Sale Conditions

    6. Negotiation Terms: Click to submit make a counter offer

    7. Seller information: Link to member profile page

    8. View invoice

  5. Chat, negotiate, agree and sign: Click on See Negotiation Terms to:

    1. Accept the offer - price match

    2. Make counteroffer and update price

    3. When both of you are satisfied, sign the agreement, wait for the seller’s response and the invoice.

  6. View invoice and transfer payment, as per terms and conditions

    • Note: Only sellers can change terms but you can chat with seller to request changes

Important note regarding terms and conditions of sale

  • By default, the Sale Conditions and invoice automatically incorporate the shipping details and term sheet information set up by the seller.

  • The seller can edit these shipping and payment terms and conditions on a sale by sale basis, use chat to negotatiate this.

  • Click here to read more about price negotation inside Trade Center.

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