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Jewelry Rules Setup & Own Stock

Create rules defining which jewelry to include in your feed and upload your own jewelry for your instant inventory feed

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Once you've set up your Instant Inventory settings, you must create at least one rule defining which jewelry items you want to include in the feed, who will be supplying the items, and your profit margins and admin fees.

A rule consists of:

  1. Jewelry parameters

  2. Suppliers you want to use

  3. Price markups you want to display on your website

  • You can edit or add new rules anytime. Everything gets updated automatically within a few minutes so you do not need to send a new script to your developer a new script each time you make changes to a rule or the widget design.

  • If a jewelry item appears in more than one Instant Inventory jewelry rule or is offered by multiple sellers, only one copy of the jewelry item, from one seller, will appear in the jewelry feed. The jewelry item with the lowest price will appear.

Read on to find out more about the rules or jump to a section with these links:

Jewelry Rule Setup

Click here to watch a tutorial video or continue reading below!

  1. Choose jewelry parameters

  2. Choose suppliers

  3. Choose markup

  4. Name & Save your rule

Note: You can display your jewelry in the Instant Inventory jewelry feed and not show them on RapNet. Click here to learn more.

  1. Jewelry Parameters

  2. Suppliers

    1. All Suppliers table shows all the available suppliers.

    2. Selected Suppliers are suppliers you have included in this rule.

    3. Filter and select specific suppliers. Clicking Add All moves all suppliers to the Selected Suppliers all of the suppliers who approved listing permissions. This increases the amount of jewelry in your instant inventory feed.

    4. Click Request to submit a listing permission request to a particular supplier. Once the supplier approves your request, his name automatically moves to the Selected Suppliers table.

    5. Click + button to add a single supplier to your Selected Suppliers table.

    6. Delete All removes all suppliers from the Selected Suppliers table

  3. Price Markups:

    1. Click on Add Markup to begin marking up your prices.

    2. Click Save & Finish

      1. Click here for guidance on Price Markups

  4. Name & save the rule:

    1. Give your rule a name.

    2. Describe the jewelry parameters, suppliers, and markups that you chose in this rule.

  5. Well done! You have created your Rule! Now your feed is ready to publish on your website! Choose one of 3 options:

    1. Add new Rule: Create multiple rules within one feed to select specific inventory for certain suppliers or apply different markups, depending on supplier or geographical location.

    2. Go to the dashboard: View your instant inventory, inventory rules, suppliers, and settings.

    3. Activate: Publish your Instant Inventory feed on your website.

Display your jewelry stock on Instant Inventory

You can upload jewelry items to RapNet for them to only feed through to your Instant Inventory jewelry feed and not display on RapNet.

This is called Own Stock for Instant Inventory.

You can upload single or multiple jewelry items to own stock:

Upload a single jewelry item to Own Stock

  1. Upload Jewelry > Single > Fill out jewelry information and include at least one image.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Upload items as 'own stock' items for Instant Inventory

  3. Save Item

If the jewelry item is already listed on RapNet:

  1. Go to Manage My Jewelry > Find the item you want to add to your Own Stock.

  2. Edit > Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Upload items as 'own stock' items for Instant Inventory.

  3. Save item.

Upload Multiple Jewelry Items to Own Stock

  1. Prepare your jewelry inventory file, refer to Upload multiple jewelry items, steps 1 and 2.

  2. Instant Inventory > Jewelry dashboard > View and Edit.

  3. Click Own Stock > Upload Own Stock.

  1. Browse and upload the file.

  2. Tick 'Upload items as own stock item for your instant inventory.

  3. Create Listings.

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