You set up your diamond or jewelry instant inventory in a one-time setup flow, made up of 3 parts.

Watch this video to learn how to Create an Instant Inventory Diamond Feed.

This video demonstrates how to Create an Instant Inventory Jewelry Feed.

Part 1: Set up Instant Inventory

a. Choose Instant Inventory feed (Diamond/Jewelry)

b. Fill out your Settings

c. Choose your theme

Part 2: Set rules

a. Choose diamond parameters / jewelry criteria

b. Choose suppliers

c. Choose markup

Part 3: Design and Publish

Part 1: Set up Instant Inventory

a. Choose a diamond or jewelry Instant Inventory feed

b. Fill out your Settings

i. Instant Inventory name: Name your feed

ii. Company name

iii. Website URL: Type in the URL where the instant inventory will be placed.

iv. Email address: This is the address your customers will send inquiries to

v. Currency: Display diamond prices in one of 19 major currencies


  • If the URL in your settings does not match your website URL, Instant Inventory will not work. The source of our exchange rate is from xIgnite and is updated twice a day.
  • Choosing a currency only affects the total price displayed to your customers. All prices on RapNet and in the Instant Inventory setup remain in US Dollars.

c. Choose your theme

i. Pre-designed Widget: Use RapNet's widget for a quick and easy way of integrating instant inventory int your retail website. Read this article to learn how to customize your widget to match your website.

ii. Without Design: This means building your own diamond search engine as well as incorporating possibilities such as multiple currencies and ring builder.

Using our API gives you more freedom and flexibility in the look and design of your website and requires the services of an IT programmer and web developer.

Part 2: Set rules

Rules define which diamonds or jewelry items you want to include in a feed.

a. Choose diamond parameters/jewelry criteria


  • Mandatory fields for diamonds: Shape, size, color, clarity, finish, grading report and prices.
  • Mandatory fields for jewelry: Jewelry price and type
  • Selecting non mandatory fields reduces the amount of diamonds or jewelry in your instant inventory feed.

b. Choose Suppliers

1. All Suppliers table shows all the available suppliers.

2. Selected Suppliers are suppliers you have included in this rule

3. Filter and select specific suppliers. Clicking Add All moves all suppliers to the Selected Suppliers all of the suppliers who approved listing permissions. This increases the amount of diamonds or jewelry in your instant inventory feed.

4. Click Request to submit a listing permission request to a particular supplier. Once the supplier approves your request, his name automatically moves to the Selected Suppliers table.

5. Click + button to add a single supplier to your Selected Suppliers table.

6. Delete All removes all suppliers from the Selected Suppliers table.

c. Choose Price Markups

  • Click on Add Markup to begin marking up your prices.
  • Click Save & Finish to complete and save this rule:
  • Give your rule a name
  • Describe the diamond/jewelry parameters, suppliers, and mark ups that you chose in this rule

Your feed is ready to publish on your website! Choose one of these options:

  1. Add new Rule. Create multiple rules within one feed to select specific inventory for certain supplier or apply different mark ups, depending on supplier or geographical location
  2. Go to dashboard to view your instant inventory, inventory rules, suppliers, and settings
  3. Click Activate to publish your Instant Inventory feed on your website

Part 3: Design and Publish

a. If you are using the diamond/jewelry widget, click here to customize the widget design

b. Activate and publish your feed on your website. These Help Articles will guide you:

How do I publish the jewelry feed on my website?

How do I publish the diamond feed on my website?

Important Note: For security, we recommend that you do not share your RapNet login credentials with your programmer. Create and send him an Access Key:

  • An access key allows your programmer to access and interact with Instant inventory data
  • Read this article for an explanation on Access Keys and how to create and manage them

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