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Video not showing on the diamond item page
Video not showing on the diamond item page
Common reasons why your diamond video is missing on the diamond item page
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Please check that your video meets the following criteria:

  • Your video is hosted by one of RapNet's whitelisted diamond videos suppliers.
    Click here for a complete list of whitelisted diamond video providers.

  • Your video link starts with 'HTTPS'.
    We only accept secure links formatted with "HTTPS". (this includes whitelisted diamond videos). Links beginning with "HTTP" are not secure and will not display on the item page.

Important Notes:

  • If your video is not whitelisted, it will appear on the item page under a section called 'Media URLs' which will lead the buyer to the external video link in a new tab. The video will not play on the RapNet item page itself or on a website using Instant Inventory.

  • If want to include images filenames/links and/ video links in your diamond inventory upload file, please read this article.

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