All diamond have an item pages except for matched pairs of diamonds.

The diamond item page gives you access to the complete diamond information on page.

On each item page you can:

  • View detailed information about the diamond

  • Read additional data such as images, seller information, seller rating .

  • Share the item page with all your customers via email, Facebook posts and links to social media, as well as sharing internally on RapNet Chat with other RapNet members

  • Add notes

  • Quickly access the diamond calculator

A Diamond Item Page

  • RapNet buyers viewing items from within RapNet’s search results table.

  • RapNet buyers receiving items from another RapNet member through RapNet Chat

  1. Copy Lot # button to share diamond internally on Chat

  2. Basic diamond data, include option to track diamond

  3. Media: Sellers can upload an unlimited number of diamond images and one video
    Note: If the image or video is an external link, they will be displayed as Media URL's in a separate section. Click here to read more about diamond images and here for more on diamond videos

  4. A detailed view of the diamond or jewelry information. Diamond item page include a link to Grading Report if available

  5. Action buttons:
    a. Contact Seller to initiate a trade in Trade Center
    b. Share buttons for sharing your items with RapNet members and externally with non RapNet member
    i. On social media via Facebook directly or as a link which you can copy and paste everywhere
    ii. Externally with your customers who are not RapNet members via email
    iii. Internally with other RapNet members through RapNet Chat

  6. Supplier Information: Location, contact person and phone number
    a. Click on the RapNet supplier’s name to link to the RapNet supplier’s profile page
    b. If you are the RapNet supplier, then your contact information appears here

  7. Calculator widget

  8. Notes: Ability to add, edit or delete a note on a specific item. These notes are on the item level carry over into the notes on their search results table.


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