Find your Diamond Item page for your listed diamonds

  1. Go to Manage my Diamonds.

  2. Filter and find your diamond.

  3. Click on the diamond icon and the diamond item page pops up.

RapNet Seller’s Diamond Item Page:

Page view and available actions for the RapNet Seller who owns the diamond.

  1. Copy Lot # button to share items via Chat.

  2. A detailed view of the diamond or jewelry information including an image of the item, wherever image is uploaded directly to RapNet. Members can delete the diamond image from this page.

  3. Media section. Can consist of multiple images plus one video.  The image displays on the item page if it was was uploaded directly to RapNet in jpg or png format. The seller can delete the diamond image from his own diamond item page. Click here to read more about uploading diamond images to your diamond item pages.

  4. A detailed view of the diamond or jewelry information. Diamond item page include a link to Grading Report if available.

  5. Action buttons

    1. Edit button to edit your diamond or jewelry information.

    2. Share buttons for sharing your items with RapNet members and externally with non RapNet member.

      • On social media via Facebook directly or as a link which you can copy and paste everywhere.

      • Externally with your customers who are not RapNet members via email.

      • Internally with other RapNet members through RapNet Chat.

  6. Positioning and Ranking information, only available for diamonds:

    1. View your diamond’s positioning and ranking status.

    2. Use the price simulator to check what would be your diamond’s position if you edited your price.

    3. Access your settings and customize your sizing groups and define your diamond property flexibilities when using the ranking tool.

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