Introduction to Diamond Insights
Benefits of using RapNet 's Diamond Insights to competitively price and rank your diamonds on RapNet
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Diamond Insights provides the data that you need to rank, analyze, position and price each listed diamond competitively on the market.

Use this tool to get a deeper understanding about your diamond's ranking in search results and even simulate changing its price to affect its ranking.

Using this RapNet data the allows you to fine tune pricing for each listed diamond.

Note: Diamond insights only works for actively available white diamonds listed on your account.

Benefits of Diamond Insights

Being able to fine tune and re-price has excellent benefits for everyone:

  1. Lower pricing encourages more buying power

  2. It shows suppliers what other companies are charging for similar diamonds 

  3. It tells you where your diamonds stand competitively compared to similar diamonds on the market

  4. To predict future ranking based on simulated price

Positioning and Ranking

Diamond Insights is in 2 parts: Positioning and Ranking

  1. Positioning: find the position of your diamond on RapNet within a similar group of diamonds.

  2. Ranking: An interactive Price Simulator - simulate a new price for your diamond, check its new ranking and update the new diamond's price when satisfied.

It's important to understand that each diamonds ranking is calculated based on groups of similarly attribued diamonds called Pricing Groups.

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