How to use the Diamond Insights tool
How to position, rank and competitively price your diamonds on RapNet
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Find the positioning and ranking tools

Go to MANAGE MY DIAMONDS and select any of your active available white diamonds.

  1. Position your diamond: Click on the magnifying glass to find the position of your diamond on RapNet within a similar group of diamonds.

    • RapNet defines the size groups by default but with customization, you can set up your own groups and really unlock diamond insights' true power.

    • Click here to learn how to customize the size groups.

  2. Ranking tab: set of live data relating to your diamond's performance in the search results and ranking on RapNet.

Important Notes:

  • RapNet defines the size groups and properties by default.

  • You can customize and set up your own size groups and choose which diamonds appear in your groups by defining the flexibilty of a diamond's properties.

  • Click here to learn how to customize the size groups and control which diamonds appear in your groups.

Understand the Diamond Insight data

  1. Search Results Ranking: your diamonds' ranking in the search results by price. You can see:

    • Your number ranking in search

    • How many similar diamonds are listed on RapNet

    • In the top X % of diamonds

  2. Bar Graph shows price distribution of your diamond's pricing group.

    • Blue bars indicates how many diamonds are available on RapNet within a price point. The green line where your diamond positioned.

    • Hover over any of the bars to see how many diamonds fall into particular range. 

  3. Price Data

    • Average Price is the average price for all diamonds that fall into your diamond's pricing group.

    • Best Price is the cheapest price of the diamond in this group.

    • Max Price is the price of the most expensive diamond in this group.

    • Average top 10% Price is the average price of the top 10% of diamonds in this group.

  4. Price Simulator lets you interactively simulate your diamonds' ranking in its pricing group by adjusting its price, helping you price your diamonds on RapNet more effectively.

    • Type in your new price in the $/ct or Rap% field, click check new ranking to see your estimated RapNet search ranking.

    • If you are happy with the estimated rank and new position, click Update Diamond Price to instantly update your listing with the new price and improve your diamond's ranking in search results.

Read this article to understand RapNet's default diamond groups used for Diamond Insights and how to customize them.

NOTE: We advise members uploading through Excel or API to take the simulated price and put it directly in the Excel file or stock program instead of updating directly on RapNet

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