Customize your diamond pricing groups

How to customize diamond pricing groups to position and rank your diamonds

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A diamond's ranking is calculated based on groups of similarly attributed diamonds called Pricing Groups.

RapNet defines pricing groups by default, using a carat range and then matches the shape, color, clarity, Lab, cut, polish and symmetry and fluorescence.

You can customize your own groups by customizing the pricing group and defining the flexiblity of the diamond's properties.

Find Diamond Insights settings

  1. My Account and Settings

  2. Preferences

If you are already in your listings and have opened up the ranking tool, you can also simply click Edit Settings to get to your Positioning settings.

Size Group Preferences

  • Use RapNet's default pricing group or customize your own

  • Customization:

    • Define a carat range of diamonds from which your diamond will be compared to.

    • You must create a minimum of 5 size groups.

    • Overlapping and gaps between size groups are not allowed.

Properties Flexiblities

Define the flexibility of the diamond properties.

Select which diamond properties are taken into account, and then define the level of flexiblity per property, using the drop-down menu.

Levels of property flexiblity

Non Flexible

Property must match exact value

Low Flexibility

+/- 1

Property can match value or be one value higher or lower

Medium Flexibilit

+/- 2

Property can match value or be 2 values higher or lower

High Flexibility

+/- 3

Property can match value or be 3 values higher or lower

Exact And Better

Exact value and higher

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