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Upload and connect images to your jewelry
Upload and connect images to your jewelry

Easily connect your jewelry images to jewelry items

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This article explains how to upload & connect images to your uploaded jewelry items.

Read on to find out how, or jump to a section with these links:

Upload images to the Jewelry Media Library

  1. Go to RapNet's Media Library > Upload New Media.

  2. Drag & Drop or Browse a single image or zip folder with images

Images filenames matching the stock number auto-connect to the jewelry.

Auto-connect image/s to jewelry

  1. Images automatically connect to jewelry items if the image file name matches the stock number.
    Example: Jewelry Stock number = BR1000 auto connects to image file name BR100.jpg

  2. To connect multiple images to a single item, suffix each saved file name with either a dash or underscore followed by a number.
    Example: BR100_1, BR100_2, BR100_3 or BR1000, BR100-1, BR100-2, BR100-3

  3. If your image file name does not match the jewelry's stock number, go to the column headed Image File Name in your inventory file, and add the image file name

    • Include jpg/png after the image name

    • Separate each image file name with a comma

Manually connect images to jewelry

Read this article to learn how to connect images to jewelry after uploading.

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