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List a single jewelry item on the web or app
List a single jewelry item on the web or app

Guidance for uploading a single jewelry item with media

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You can upload a single jewelry item on both the web and the app.

Upload is in 2 simple steps:

  1. Jewelry lot information

  2. Upload media

Watch this video to learn how to upload on the web, or continue reading below for step-by-step guidance.

Upload jewelry on the App: Go to the menu bar > scroll down and tap on Jewelry > tap Upload Jewelry

Upload an item on the web: Click here

  1. Create Lot:

    1. Select Jewelry > Upload Jewelry > Single

      1. Fill out as much information as possible regarding the jewelry item.

      2. Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk.

      3. You can select more than one value for some fields, for example:

        1. Jewelry category can be New, Woman's and Engagement

        2. Metal Type: a jewelry item can contain multiple metal types

      4. Visibility

        1. Unpublished: option to hide the item on RapNet

        2. Shareable: untick if you do not want this item shared by RapNet members on social media

        3. Own Stock for Instant Inventory: Click here to read more

    2. Save

  2. Upload Media:

    1. Upload image/s

      • Select from Media Library or browse and upload from a local file

    2. Upload documents such as appraisal forms or grading reports

    3. Upload web links to videos or documents

    4. Save

You'll see your uploaded jewelry item listed in Manage My Jewelry.

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