Jewelry upload rules

All the directions you need to ensure successful jewelry uploading to RapNet

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  1. We accept all fine jewelry including gemstone and diamond jewelry, pre-owned or antique jewelry, finished, semi-finished and unfinished items.

  2. We do not allow loose gemstones or jewelry designs.

  3. Jewelry will only be displayed when uploaded with a minimum of one image.

  4. Whilst we do not require you to update your jewelry listings, it is best practice to update your jewelry stock on a regular basis to make sure you are only listing jewelry that is actually available for purchase.

  5. All jewelry items must be uploaded with at least one image otherwise they will not be displayed in jewelry search results. This includes items uploaded with a video only.

  6. Mandatory Jewelry Field Values

    1. Stock number

    2. Jewelry title

    3. Jewelry description

    4. Jewelry type

    5. Jewelry location

    6. Jewelry currency

    7. Jewelry total price: all jewelry prices must be in USD

  7. We recommend that you correctly title and describe your jewelry, and provide as much jewelry information as possible:

    1. Keep titles and description concise, informative and accurate

    2. Items created with accurate and complete data will be found more easily by the customer

  8. Refer to Jewelry Fields and Values for guidance preparing your jewelry stock file.

  9. Refer to this article for help uploading jewelry items with multiple metal types/gemstones/images/delivery locations.

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