Go to Jewelry > Manage My Jewelry.

This page shows you how to:

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Navigate Manage My Jewelry & Actions

  1. Filter and find your jewelry

  2. Click/Select:

    1. Click on an item to open the item page

      1. Share the jewelry

      2. Perform actions: track/email/export/print

      3. Edit item details or images

    2. Select one or multiple items to

      1. Refresh: Use when an item/image is taking a while to appear after uploading

      2. Perform multiple actions - see number 5

  3. Select/Deselect or Refresh

  4. Quick edit or delete the item

  5. Sort/View Mode /More

    1. Sort by

      1. Newest/Oldest

      2. High/Low Price

    2. Switch view mode between gallery and list view

    3. Perform More actions

      1. Track

      2. Publish or Unpublish: this hides/unhides your item in the jewelry search.

      3. Show only selected items

      4. Share options

      5. Email/export/print

Hide jewelry from public search

You can hide jewelry items from buyers’ search results without needing to remove them off RapNet.

  1. Filter for published jewelry

  2. Select one or more items > More > Select publish selected/unpublish selected

Delete a jewelry listing

  1. Hover over and delete

  2. Select one or more items > More > Select deleted

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