If the widget code does not work, you will need to add a new script after the script is taken from Instant Inventory.

  1. Copy Script from Instant Inventory

Example of the original Jewelry Widget Script

2. Add this new script after the Widget Script

var func = function() {
var d = document.getElementById('jewelryinstantinventory');
var i = document.createElement('iframe');
var apiKey = d.getAttribute('data-apikey'); i.id = 'jewelryRapnetIframe';
i.name = 'jewelryRapnetIframe';
i.width = '100%';
i.height = '100%';
i.style = 'border:none;';
i.setAttribute('data-apikey', apiKey);
i.src = 'https://ii.api.prod.rapnet.com/api/Feeds/%APPKEY%/Widget#/'.replace('%APPKEY%', apiKey);
d.appendChild(i); i.onload = function() {
i.contentWindow.postMessage({ apiKey: apiKey }, '*');
</script> (edited)

Example of the full new Jewelry Widget Script

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