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The jewelry widget on your retail website
The jewelry widget on your retail website
How the jewelry widget displays on your website and actions available to your customer on the jewelry widget
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On the widget, customers can search using filters such as jewelry type, metal color, gemstone, and prices as well as sort by price and new products.

There's also the option to include an inquiry form and

The jewelry widget is both web and mobile-friendly.

Read on to see how the widget appears on your site/app or jump to a section with these links:

Jewelry Widget on your Website

Jewelry Widget on your Mobile App

Customer Actions on the jewelry widget

Your customers can:

  • Browse jewelry items using pre-designed filters

  • Sort items by price or newest products

  • View jewelry items description and information

  • Send you an inquiry about a jewelry item, which comes through to you for follow up.

Note: Currently, customers cannot buy jewelry on the widget.

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